If you’ve signed up recently, welcome!

I hope you enjoy playing Real Mahjong, whether solo or with other players. I spent a long time developing it and it hasn’t been on general release for very long. It’s had a pretty positive reception so far, but these are early days and there may still be a few wrinkles to sort out, so if you encounter any problems, or anything about the game is unclear, don’t hesitate to email me! (Address in newsletter)

There are a few aspects of the game that may not be immediately obvious. I’d strongly recommend reading the Help (accessed, you won’t be surprised to learn, via the Help menu), but if you’re at all like me you won’t do it! The next best thing is simply to experiment. There’s no limit on the number of solo games you can play, so why not just try out different settings (fast, medium and slow, for example) and start clicking.

The Tips and Tricks page is another useful source of information. It’s a fairly random collection of brief ‘howtos’ designed to cover the sorts of questions people get stuck on. I add to it from time to time and you’re welcome to email suggestions.

I also occasionally email a Newsletter to all Real Mahjong players (excluding any who have said they’d rather not receive them, of course) usually describing a new feature, or some aspect of Real Mahjong that people sometimes overlook. These Help! pages are essentially those Newsletters, suitably edited. They may eventually replace Tips and Tricks.