Download Real Mahjong

Click the tile with the green button. This will download the Installation Wizard. Run the Installation Wizard, which will install Real Mahjong on your computer.

When you have finished installing Real Mahjong there will be a new ‘Red Dragon’ icon on your desktop. Click this icon to start Real Mahjong.

Installation Instructions

We provide instructions for the two most common browsers on Windows — Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you’ve installed another browser on your PC the chances are that you’re a bit of an expert and know what to do anyway!

Important note for users of Norton anti-virus software

Norton sometimes does some strange things. Here’s one to be aware of when installing Real Mahjong.

As long as your Norton settings allow it you can probably download and install Real Mahjong. However, you may then find that when you double-click the Real Mahjong desktop icon (the Red Dragon symbol) or select Real Mahjong from the Start menu, nothing seems to happen.

Real Mahjong is in fact running, despite appearances, and you can verify this by right-clicking the Red Dragon icon in your system tray (bottom right-hand corner of your screen) and selecting ‘Open Real Mahjong’, which should start Real Mahjong.

However, this is a cumbersome way to proceed and shouldn’t be necessary. Fortunately it’s easy to fix. Just right-click the icon in the system tray and select ‘Quit Real Mahjong’. Now double-click the icon on the desktop and you should be back to normal.

You could also fix the problem by restarting your computer. If you don’t know what the system tray is you may prefer to do this, but it’s really using the proverbial sledge-hammer to crack the proverbial nut.