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Free Advertising!

Real Mahjong is a new venture and to help us get off the ground we are offering free advertising to the following categories of business and organisation:

  • U3A (University of the Third Age)
  • Mahjong clubs, societies and organisations
  • Non-profit cultural and other social organisations
  • Makers and suppliers of Mahjong sets and related products
  • Games shops and stores
  • Related online and downloadable games (e.g. chess, Go, but not 'shoot-em-up' games)
  • Selected sole-traders and small start-ups

Notes and Guidance

  1. Preference will be given to advertisers offering to place a reciprocal link on their website and to small organisations and businesses.
  2. We will not advertise gaming, poker or casino sites, or other sites or organisations that might detract from the reputation of David Brown Associates Limited.
  3. We reserve the right to accept or refuse advertisements entirely at our own discretion, subject, of course, to legal constraints.
  4. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

What's in it for us?

Advertising helps to bring visitors to our website as well as giving more exposure to your product, service or organisation. This is good for us and good for you!

If you're willing to place a reciprocal link (i.e. a link to this website) on your site, that's even better!

Contact us by email

If you wish to advertise, please let us know the address of your website and a little about your product, service, or organisation.

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