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About Real Mahjong

Real Mahjong is an online game based on the attractive but not very ancient Chinese game of Mahjong. I used to play Mahjong, not very seriously, many, many years ago — I still have the Mahjong set! A friend asked me a while ago if it would be possible to write a Mahjong program. 'Probably,' I think I said.

Much midnight oil has been burnt since then, and Real Mahjong is the result.

The physical Mahjong game is for four players, using 'tiles' instead of cards. At the end of each hand the tiles a player has collected determine his or her score for that hand.

Real Mahjong models the physical game closely. It can be played either by four 'real' players on four separate computers, as a practice game by a single player, or by two or three players (on separate computers) with Real Mahjong itself taking the place of the additional players. All games require an internet connection.

Playing the game is essentially very simple. You take it in turns to pick up tiles and either keep or discard them, aiming to increase your score. In practice it's not quite as simple as that, of course, and if you've never played Mahjong before it's a good idea to join a Mahjong group to learn the basics. I have summarised the rules here, and Real Mahjong also has a built-in tutorial to help you get started.

What Real Mahjong is, and isn't

Real Mahjong is for people who like playing Mahjong (the game with four players sitting round a table, doing strange things with little tiles about the size of dominoes but with nicer pictures) but don't always have access to other people to play with. If that's you, why not give it a try!

Real Mahjong is not a portal to a casino site, and it's not a pattern-matching solitaire game. It makes no provision for gambling and is not related in any way to any gambling site. If that's what you're looking for there's no point in installing Real Mahjong!

Absolutely free!

Real Mahjong is free to download and free to play!

In solo games the chat-box gives you a 'running commentary'

Keeping score

Please see the Scoreboard page for the current top ten scores, Tips and Tricks, and any breaking information.

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